The generator is a custom Java Security Manager, which generates a simple policy file from permissions checked by Java Application. The generated policy file can be used with the standard Java Security Manager afterwards.

Generate the policy file

Simply use the custom Java Security Manager class net.sourceforge.prograde.generator.PolicyFileGeneratorJSM when starting your Java application. Then go through usual application worklows and the generator will create a policy file with missing permissions for you.

Other steps are optional:

  • configure the initial policy file (if you already have one)
    • set the path to the system property
    • use 2 equal characters “==” if you don’t want to use default policy configured for JRE
  • configure the output file
    • set the path to the prograde.generated.policy system property
    • if you don’t set this property, then a new file will be generated in the user’s temporary directory
java \ \ \
    -Dprograde.generated.policy=/tmp/generated.policy \

The permissions granted in initial.policy will not be included in the generated.policy. If you want to have all permissions included in the generated file, then use an empty file as the initial.policy.

Use the generated policy

Test the generated.policy file with standard Java Security Manager:

java \ \ \

ProGrade as the underlying policy

The standard Java Policy implementation is used as the underlying implementation for the policy file generator. You can use ProGrade policy instead when you set prograde.use.own.policy system property to true.


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Version: 1.1.1. Last Published: 2014-10-01.

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